Welcome to Jordan

With gorgeous diving in the Red Sea, awesome scenic transformations from region to region, and rare pre-Islamic ruins that have survived the test of time, Jordan has a little something of everything. Castles left abandoned by Crusaders from Europe, Roman ruins of antiquity preserved better than anywhere else in the region, and of course, Petra – Jordan’s most renowned sight – the ruins of a civilization that pre-dated all Abrahamic religions, Jordan is an understated paradise for those with a bent towards historical tourism. And that’s not all that Jordan has to offer: with coasts both to the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, as well as nature reserves and mountains of Biblical and Quranic significance, Jordan is a prime destination for those seeking a more ecologically-oriented adventure too. Coupled with the deeply hospitable nature of Jordanians, and a sense of stability that few in the region can boast of, Jordan rewards the casual traveller with much to see.

Jordan Attractions

  • Surprise yourself with accessible glory at the Roman Theatre in Amman, one of the world’s best-preserved ruins of the Roman Empire.
  • Admire the commitment of the Crusaders at the Karak and Shobak Castles, Jordan’s best Crusader sights.
  • Refresh your body with a dip in the Black Sea, the world’s mineral-rich lowest point.
  • Swim around the coral kingdoms of the Red Sea, taking advantage of one of the world’s clearest seas for a wonderful wildlife adventure.
  • Take an excursion into a hamaam, a traditional bathhouse, or go to Qusayr Amra for a more artistically charged bathhouse experience.
  • Steer clear of sharp edges as you find yourself on a journey to Petra, possibly the most distinctive ruins of the Middle East after the Pyramids of Giza.
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