Welcome to Madina

Capital of the first Muslim empire, Madina exudes an international atmosphere that makes one awe over Islam’s diversity in believers. Madinah has evolved into a home for thousands of Muslims from different communities and nations from across the world, giving it a more colourful identity than any other city in Saudi Arabia. It’s appeal to outsiders, both because of its relative openness and because it became the Prophet Muhammad’s final resting place, has led many to move to the city. Madinah continues to be a peaceful and surprisingly pristine city – the quality of air in Madinah is one that few cities in the world can claim.

Madina Attractions

  • Drive around Uhud Mountain range, marvelling at the sight of one of Islam’s first battles and at the man-made streams that once provided Madinah its water.
  • Bask in the magic of a Madinah night, when the hills of Uhud around the city are lit up to give the city a beautiful look after dusk.
  • Pay your respects at the Tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, inside Al Masjid An-Nabawi, or the Prophet’s Mosque.
  • Eat lamb in Arabian style, with a communal plate and a floor-based seating in one of Madinah’s many eateries.
  • Go to the Quba Mosque, the world’s oldest and first mosque dedicated for the Muslim community.
  • Travel through the Muslim world in Madinah’s bazaars, host to sellers from all around the global community of Muslims.
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