Welcome to Makkah

The birthplace of Islam, the magnetism this city commands over the world’s Muslim population is unparalleled. Most tourists to Makkah lose all other aspirations when they enter the Haram – the sheer sight of the Kaabah is enough to overwhelm believing Muslims. As the most sacred mosque of Islam, the effect Masjid Al-Haram has on Muslims is undeniable: an entire genre of literature that relates the experiences of Muslims making the holy pilgrimage has flourished over the ages. Be it the medieval traveller from Tunis, Ibn-e-Battuta, or the American Malcolm X, authors upon authors have shared the profound transformations they went through after their pilgrimage experiences. Take care to bring a notebook or recorder of some form with you on your trip – you’ll be needing to jot down your thoughts!

Makkah Attractions

  • Perform the Umrah or the Hajj at the Masjid Al-Haram, Islam’s holiest mosque.
  • Find yourself searching for traces of the Prophet Muhammad at what is believed to be his birthplace, the Al-Mukarramah Library.
  • Process the history of this age-old pilgrimage center at the Makkah Museum, hosting fascinating exhibits on pre-Islamic Arabia and on the history of Arabic calligraphy.
  • See everyday artefacts from the life of the Prophet at the Museum of the Prophet, where furniture, weapons and utensils once used by him are on display.
  • Place yourself in the flow of time at the Al Maala Cemetery, where several members of the Prophet’s family, including Khadija, are buried.
  • Entreat upon the caretakers of the Al-Haramain Museum to grant you access for a rewarding history lesson on the Kaabah and its many reconstructions and renovations.
  • Rise up to the challenge for a difficult hike up to the Cave of Hira or the Cave of Thawr, caves that once gave sanctuary to the Prophet Muhammad in his time of need.
  • Take a trip outside of Makkah to the Masjid Al Bi’ah, where Arab leaders are believed to have pledged Prophet Muhammad allegiance in the year 621.
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